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These terms and conditions (hereinafter "terms of use") govern the use of our website and the services provided herein.

The services available through our website are provided in accordance with the following terms of use and in accordance with the individual information and policies which are posted on our website. When you visit our website and choose to use the services that we offer by submitting a booking request or when you simply browse on our website, we consider that you are aware of and accept these terms of use, so we recommend that you take a careful look on the information provided herein. In case you do not agree with these terms of use, please refrain from using the services available through our website.

From time to time we may update the contents of these terms of use. As the terms of use which are applicable when submitting the booking request through our website, are those which are posted on our website at the time of your booking, we suggest that you refer to our terms of use before completing your booking.

This website is managed and operated by the sole proprietorship with the name «Aristos Stylianos» which is located in the Municipality of Kassandra at Nea Fokea, PC 63077, with tel. +302374081111 and email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (hereinafter the "Company")

  1. Use of our website

By using our website you agree to these terms of use and in particular you accept that:

  1. A) the information you provide us is true and accurate and that we are able to contact you either on the provided tel. number or at the provided email address in order to conclude the required transaction.
  2. B) you will not use our website for illegal purposes, such as for the dissemination of illegal or malicious software (viruses).
  3. C) we process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy in order to be able to provide our services.

When you are transacting with our company, you guarantee that you do not lack legal capacity and that you are above 18 years old.

  1. Submission of Booking Request

You can submit your booking request through our website by filling in the necessary information in the relevant "booking form". In order to complete the submission of the reservation request, it is necessary for you to fill in the information that will be required for the processing of your request, namely: your name, your e-mail address, your telephone number, the type of the selected vehicle for your transportation, the pick-up point and time and the drop- off point, as well as the number of persons to be transported, including any children or infants. In case you have a special request regarding your transfer, such as for example an animal transfer request, please let us know by filling in the relevant comments box.

By providing the above information, you guarantee that it is valid and true and refers to the person or persons submitting the respective request. Failure to provide the above information or the provision of inaccurate information will result in our inability to process your request. For more details regarding processing of the personal data that you provide us at the stage of submitting your booking request, please refer to the privacy policy posted on our website.

In case of cancellation of your request due to incorrect provided information, our company bears no responsibility towards you due to such cancellation.

We underline and draw your attention to the fact that the submission of the booking request alone does not imply that your reservation has been concluded nor does it bind us whatsoever to the provision of the services that you request. The reservation will be completed as soon as you accept the offer that we will send you according to the next paragraph.

  1. Booking Request Approval

After submitting the booking request, which is always subject to its acceptance and to availability of the required service, you will receive a reply in your email with our offer in relation to the provision of the requested service (hereinafter "the offer"). The offer will include all the necessary information about the service you have chosen, including the price, method of payment, pick- up point and time and drop- off point.

We normally ask you that payment of the service will be made to the driver of the vehicle according to one of the available payment methods, before or after completion of the route. Exceptionally in some cases, in order to conclude your booking request we might ask you through our offer an advance payment. Advance payment does not constitute a common practice for our company and may occur indicatively in cases of booking many vehicles of our fleet or in cases of long routes / excursions. We clarify, however, that if you are asked to make an advance payment, failure of such payment, leads to our inability to accept the reservation request.

Please note that in order to complete your reservation, receipt of our offer is not sufficient, as you are required to confirm that you accept such offer, by sending us a relevant confirmation email. It is clarified that acceptance of our offer means that you explicitly and unconditionally accept any individual terms included in it. Any changes to the terms of your booking can only be made by our mutual agreement.

We reserve the right to reject your booking request if a vehicle or driver is not available. In this case we will contact you immediately in order to inform you about our inability to provide the requested service. Likewise, we reserve the right not to accept your booking request for any other reason. Our company will bear no responsibility if for any reason we are not able to accept your booking request, but we will make every effort acting in good faith and in accordance with business ethics in order to meet your needs.

  1. Pick-Up and Drop-Off Point

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Point of the route are chosen by you when you submit the booking request. If you wish to change the agreed route after accepting our offer, you have to inform the driver thereof upon your arrival at the pick- up point. The driver may accept the route change only if such change is possible according to the daily route schedule of the company, reserving the right in any case not to accept change of the agreed route. If change of route is not possible, the company may withdraw and not execute the scheduled route while it will bear no responsibility due to this event.

  1. Pick- Up Time

Likewise, you choose pick-up time from the selected pick-up point, when you submit the booking request. If you wish to change the pick-up time, you have to contact us at least two hours before the scheduled pick-up time. In case change of pick-up time is not possible, the company may reject your request for changing your pick-up time, withdraw and not execute the scheduled route while it will bear no responsibility due to this event.

  1. Price and payment methods

The price for the provision of the service that you request is included in the offer that you will receive after submission of the booking request. The price is in euro and includes the applicable VAT. The price, except if agreed otherwise, is paid to the driver at the end of the route. In case you need an invoice (instead of a receipt) for the provided service, you have to inform us in advance so that we can arrange that the relevant invoice will be sent to the email indicated to us.

At the end of the agreed route, you may choose to pay to the driver the price for the provided service either in cash, or by using a debit / credit or prepaid card. Each vehicle in our fleet has an installed pos payment machine that accepts debit, credit or prepaid Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro cards. The payment process is carried out through the secure environment of our collaborating banking institute which guarantees the security and speed of your transaction.

  1. Passengers’ Responsibilities when using a vehicle of our fleet

During the route, passengers must avoid any action that may cause traffic safety problems. In particular, passengers must:

  1. not obstruct the driver with their actions while driving,
  2. not attempt to disembark or board to the car while it is moving,
  3. not smoke,
  4. not open windows and doors without the driver's consent,
  5. be decent, polite and not display inappropriate, abusive, provocative or threatening behavior in any way during the route;
  6. not take any action that may cause damage to the car,
  7. take care of the children, animals and objects transferred with them under their responsibility;
  8. not throw litter or objects inside or outside the vehicles and must not pollute the vehicles in any way,
  9. diligently follow the instructions for the movement of young children and for the transport of strollers, luggage, bicycles and pets;
  10. not consume food and beverages throughout their journey and until the end of the route, unless otherwise agreed with the company or otherwise instructed by the driver, and
  11. not use the transport vehicle for any illegal purposes.


In the event that the vehicle suffers any damage, including dirt, in violation to the above terms of use, the company may claim from the customer to restore any damages or dirt caused to the vehicle by the customer’s fault.

  1. Company’s representations and warranties

Our company operates in compliance with the applicable regulations governing the operation of Passenger Cars of public use and in particular in compliance with Law 4530/2018 and Law 4070/2012 as in force. We always ensure that all regulations regarding the condition of our fleet’s vehicles are met, and in particular:

  1. we make sure that the vehicle is always in excellent condition from a technical and safety point of view, with no damages or technical problems,
  2. we use experienced drivers with a special driving license in force, who demonstrate professionalism and responsibility during the route,
  3. We take care of the required regular maintenance and proper operation of the air conditioning systems for heating, cooling and ventilation of the vehicle, and
  4. we insure our vehicles with civil liability coverage against third parties, in order to compensate the damages that may be caused to third parties.
  5. Disclaimer

Our company takes all the necessary safety measures regarding your safe transportation, including proper maintenance of the vehicle, employment of experienced drivers and civil liability insurance coverage. Our company is not responsible for any damage to your health or material damage you may suffer during the route by the fault of third parties. Such damage to your health can indicatively cause, accidents caused by the fault of third parties, consumption of spoiled food during the route, etc.

  1. Booking Cancellation

In case where for your reservation you have prepaid part of the price, you have the right to cancel your booking request, free of charge, no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time. In case of failure to meet the above deadline, the amount of the advance payment will be used as a penalty and will not be refunded.

In any case, please inform us as soon as possible about the cancellation of your reservation, by contacting us by phone or via email at the contact details posted on our website.

  1. Intellectual Property

Reproduction, redistribution, copying or any other use of our website’s content including trademarks, photographic material, copyrights of third parties etc. is not allowed. In the event we discover illegal use of our website’s content in violation to copyright laws, we reserve every legal right to demand immediate removal of the infringement and reasonable redress of the damage caused to us, including our claim for damages.

  1. Third party links in our website

Our website may host third party links with informative or marketing material. The content of these links websites falls under no circumstances within our sphere of responsibility and we bear no responsibility for any claim relating to it.

  1. Force Majeure

If any obligation arising out of our provision of services agreement and set forth in these terms of use becomes impossible to meet for any reason of force majeure, we will not be responsible in any manner to restore any damages that me be caused to you due to such event.

Any event that is not within our sphere of responsibility is considered as an event of force majeure. Such events are indicatively, and not restrictively, strikes, social disorders, mass movements, protests, riots, police restrictive measures that may impede smooth movement of traffic, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, epidemics or pandemics , wars, fires etc.

  1. Applicable Law and jurisdiction

To resolve any dispute or complaint that may arise in connection to these terms of use, we encourage you to contact us through any of the available means of communication. We commit to make every effort to resolve our dispute in accordance with good faith and business ethics. However, if this is not possible by our communication, the resolution of our dispute as well as these terms of use will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Greek Laws, and the competent Courts of Halkidiki will have exclusive jurisdiction for the settlement of such dispute.



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